Manufacturing Prowess at Pincraft

Tweezers manufacturing is a unique process that follows the precision and workmanship of the watchmaking industry. Every worker is trained on the job for 3 months as an apprentice under an ace worker. After the initial period of 3 months, the workers are ready to operate the process on their own.

Stainless Steel Tweezers manufacturing involves intense process of developing the shape of the tweezers first. Pincraft manufactures 17 models of eyebrow tweezers – some of these are classic tweezers shape and some have a more modern look. The crafting of the body of the tweezer is an intense process of grinding and polishing that leaves a smooth surface on the tweezers. These processes give the final ergonomic smoothness to the tweezers, making sure that the pair of tweezers is easy to hold and does not slip.

The tip of the tweezers is the next phase that requires expert hand crafting by the workers. Slanted Tip Tweezers and Pointed Tip tweezers are the most common tweezers tip. The fine point tweezers require a total of 12 processes to give the best tip to the tweezers. The had crafted finish makes sure that the tweezers do not break the hair during plucking.

With deep technical in-house knowledge developed over 18 years, Pincraft is an expert in Tweezers manufacturing. Pincraft has been exporting its products to several beauty brands and retailers in Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Germany, South Korea and Chile. Its complete range of Eyebrow Tweezers, Blackhead Removers and manicure tools are made with professional grade Stainless Steel and undergo expert craftsmanship during manufacturing. With such breadth and depth of operations, Pincraft is best eyebrow tweezers manufacturer in India.

by Prerna

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