Pincraft has been in the business of manufacturing beauty tools for 18 years. Established in the year 1998, we manufacture the finest quality beauty tools consisting of Tweezers, Manicure tools, Black Head Removers and skin care tools. Our vision is to create value-added high quality products.

We undertake OEM Manufacturing for brands and private label manufacturing for retailers. Our company is vertically integrated from the manufacturing to the final packaging to ensure that our customers receive the final product ready to be used by the customer.


Our products are frequently used in spas and salons for providing professional services to the customer. Sold as part of grooming kits and DIY (Do-it-yourself) kit, our products are used at home by the end customer. The fine tools make part of the Toiletries at top hotels. Our clients are spread out across geographies including European countries, Middle East and South America. We are constantly looking to expand our geographic base and look to supply to brands and retailers in other markets. We pride ourselves in being a design expert as we seek to innovate with new ranges and seasonal collections of our products. We also partner with brands to try out new designs and packaging options and bring in new product ranges to the market


Tweezers are our flagship products. We boast of a wide range of tweezers with 17 models available in 6 tips and 3 finishes – Steel, Matt and Coloured. Our tweezers are made with handcrafted precision. Using the finest quality Stainless Steel, these tweezers are anti-magnetic, anti-corrosion and toughened. This makes the tweezers rust-proof and sterilizable and ensures that every piece lasts for years. The simple tweezers undergo 40 steps before the final product is ready. At the end of every value-addition, the tweezers go through a quality check to weed out any lack before we send them for finishing. The end-product is a fine piece of work that hides the precision steps that it has undergone.


Our manufacturing facility is nothing short of a workman’s shop. Every supervisor has a dedicated shop to silo the process and prevent mix-ups. Turning the humble steel into an intimate beauty tool requires a concoction of precision, fine-tuning and hardwork. Every worker goes through years of training – not so much to learn the process, but to develop the patience and calmness required to develop the elegant masterpiece.

Client List

Our clients include beauty brands, pharmacies, hotels and spas. We retail our products under our brand name as well as undertake private label manufacturing for other brands. Our clients entrust us with end to end supply of products – from manufacturing to packaging- all of which takes place under one roof. Executing all activities in-house helps us meet the exacting quality standards worthy of a global top manufacturer.