Pincraft is the manufacturer of all kinds of tweezers in India.

Pincraft is the manufacturer of best eyebrow tweezers in India. The tweezers can be manufactured in several different tips – Slanted Tip, Pointed Tip, Round Tip, Straight Tip and Hook (Claw) Tip.

Each of the Tweezers Tip follows a grounded manufacturing process. The 5 sides of the tip need to be smoothened and shaped to make sure that the tweezers do not pull at the hair while tweezing. It also prevents breakage of the hair and ensures that the hair can be pulled out smoothly from the roots.

Different Tweezers Tip are used for different grooming requirements:

1. Slant Tip – SLant tip are the best selling tweezers tip. The slant shape allows the tweezers to be used in any direction during plucking and makes sure that the hand does not block the view when tweezing as the Tweezers can be aligned. The Slant Tip Tweezers are ideals for shaping and sculpting the eyebrows as well as removing hair from other parts of the face like upper lips

2. Pointed Tip – The Point Tweezers are best used for removing fine hair after shaping the eyebrows using the Slant Tweezers. These tweezers are also used for removing in-grown hair after waxing and removing splinters. Pointed Tweezers are the professional tweezers used commonly in beauty salons and brow bars. It is best recommended to be used by a professional esthetician

3. Rounded Tip – These tips are shaped in a round to make sure they do not hurt the skin and ideal for people just starting to use the tweezers. The tip of the tweezers if finely shaped to ensure they work as well as any other tweezers

4. Straight Tip – Straight Tweezers are fellows of the Slant Tweezers, just the tip is shaped in a straight line.

5. Slant & Pointed Tip – These Tweezers are elegantly shaped tweezers with a dual tip of Slant and Pointed. these tweezers are best suited for use by expert professionals.

Pincraft has an expertise in manufacturing all kinds of tweezers. Developed over a span of 18 years, Pincraft’s ace workmanship ensures that every single piece of tweezers give the best eyebrow shaping experience. Pincraft has the ability to produce the tweezers in a short span of time as our processes have a quick turnaround. Pincraft has happy clients in all parts of the world making it the best eyebrow tweezers exporter in India.

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